The Hormone Balance Blend is uniquely formulated to help balance your hormones so you can be in perfect sync with your natural cycle. 


The carefully selected blend is made from a potent infusion of organic and wildcrafted botanicals and 600mg of premium CBD from the world’s purest single-source full spectrum hemp. 

CBD Hormone Balance Blend

  • MCT oil*, evening primrose oil*, chia seed oil*, red raspberry leaf*, nettle*, milky oats & oatstraw*, red clover blossom*, dandelion leaf*, lemon balm*, black seed oil*, full spectrum hemp extract from flowers (600mg of active CBD).

    Hemp extraction:
    Extracted using a gentle food-grade organic ethanol-based extraction method at -17°F. That’s fancy talk for saying…

    - None of the awesome natural qualities were lost due to high pressure or heat extraction.
    - The journey from seed to bottle had minimal impact on the environment.

    Made with organic* and ethically wildcrafted ingredients.

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